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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation companies and their claims representatives don’t like to pay. If they can find a way not to, they will. We know the Montana Workers’ Compensation system. We get our clients what they deserve under the law.


As a newly minted lawyer, Ms. McKenna took on a workers’ compensation insurer in the precedent-setting Stratemeyer case.

Mr. Stratemeyer was a Sheriff’s Deputy injured on the job. Syd fought the case to the Montana Supreme Court, not once, but twice. Because of her determination, Mr. Stratemeyer got justice. Syd has been fighting for her work comp clients ever since.

Construction Site

Car Crashes

Each year more than two million people are injured in vehicle crashes in the United States. Vehicle crashes often create confusing insurance issues. Was the driver insured? Was the victim insured? How much insurance is there? How does health insurance fit in?

We are well-versed in Montana’s insurance law.

We sort out the insurance issues and work hard to maximize our client’s claims. If the insurance company doesn’t play ball, we put our years of litigation experience to work and take the case to court.


We offer a full range of legal services to Montana Auto Crash Victims. You are not alone. Let us guide you.


If you were in an automobile crash and it was not your fault, we will work to ensure the best possible result and shelter you and your family from dealing with insurance companies.

Wrongful Death

The loss of a loved one because of someone’s wrongful conduct causes immense grief. Common causes of wrongful death are vehicle crashes, workplace accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability, and defective products.


We are there for our clients. We take care of the details and work to hold the wrongdoer accountable. 


Recently, we were able to get justice for a young woman with two young children, when a negligent tractor-trailer driver killed her husband. You deserve the best Montana Wrongful Death lawyers to handle your case. 


Here are some reasons we’re the best choice:


  • Experience: Our firm has a combined 50 years of legal experience.  We are well-versed trial lawyers.

  • Focus: We are not a high-volume law firm.  We select our cases carefully. Our clients are important. If we take your case, it is going to get done right.

  • Access: You’ll work directly with the partners of the firm.

  • Advocates: We’re dedicated to holding wrongdoers accountable which helps to prevent harm to others.

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